5 Commonly Overlooked Now Choosing an Apartment

One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is choosing an apartment. How can you ensure that this decision is made responsibly? Read on to find out how to effectively evaluate whether or not a given property is worth its price, what questions are important to ask before signing any contracts, and other tips for making the right choice.

People often overlook many factors when they’re considering apartments. To help prevent yourself from falling into this trap, read this blog post about 5 common mistakes people make when trying to pick their next place!

Make in your Life is Choosing an Apartment


Additionally, you want to consider sound control because nothing is more annoying than sitting in your living room and hearing every foot step from the tenant living above you. Learn more about these considerations below!

1) Fire Safety
Your new home should provide a safe environment for you and your family. If you are planning to rent an apartment, find out what the party wall construction is made of and where they are located. Ask about the floor and ceiling construction. In buildings without sprinklers (and most garden apartments buildings are come without sprinklers) masonry walls and concrete floors offer vastly superior fire resistance than wood framing (regardless of the assembly). A fire which occurs in masonry and concrete buildings is very likely to be contained within the apartment in which the fire originated. Make sure you inquire as to whether or not the smoke detectors are hard wired.

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2) Sound Control
When searching for an apartment, you should add to your list of important features in your apartment building search, good sound control. An apartment building that is built and designed to resist sound transmission (i.e. disturbance) between apartments adds significantly to the quality of life you will experience as a tenant.

There are two parts to sound control:

  • Sound Transmission
  • Impact Noises

The first of which involves such devices like televisions, even loud conversation, while the latter consists of noises made from walking or dropping an object. The best way to find out the sound control aspects of an apartment is to ask about the floor and wall construction, and to visit the apartment during the weekend when it is likely adjoining residents will be home.

3) Heating and Air Conditioning – Energy Efficiency
Many new buildings have been built with central heating and air conditioning. A properly designed individually controlled central heating and air-conditioning system is superior in its delivery of both heat and air conditioning, as it provides for total control over timing and temperature, and benefits the energy conscious resident by allowing for billing based on actual usage.

Many building owners have been aggressive in making improvements to their apartments of all ages in an effort to reduce the monthly energy cost to both the resident and themselves. The difference in energy costs to a resident living in a building “with” as compared to “without” energy conservation features could be hundreds of dollars a year. Always be sure to check if the windows are insulated, if the light bulbs are energy efficient, if water fixtures have water saving features to prevent unnecessary energy costs.

4) Trash Handling
Trash handling convenience is another overlooked element of apartment living both from a practical and cosmetic aspect. While some garden buildings features trash handling within the building, the overwhelming majority handle trash by containers located along the parking areas. Nothing says more about a building’s management than an overflowing trash container. Residents should make sure that the trash containers are conveniently located. It makes a nice appearance when the containers are enclosed, and insist on a property which has a real effective “recycling” program.

5) Security
It’s wise to check what security features are present, as well as to review local crime statistics. Ask if the lock on your apartment door gets changed between tenants. Take notice if common doors have automatic door closers, if they are propped open, and if the building’s interior hallways and exterior parking lots have good lighting. Some buildings have surveillance systems. Surveillance systems act to deter crime as would be thieves look for the easiest targets with regards to burglary and auto theft. No property can guarantee that a resident won’t be the victim of a crime, but good precautions can be a very significant deterrent.

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