6 Step Guide to Choose a Perfect Luxury Property

Luxury Property Nowadays, luxury housing is not restricted to metropolitan cities alone; there are numerous luxury projects all over India which have given more flexibility to buyers to choose their preferred lifestyle. While the thought of owning “the perfect property” which suits your lifestyle is exciting, it is equally risky for various reasons. It requires a thorough background check on your part before zeroing in on a property.

Luxury PropertyHere’s a quick guide to finding your perfect luxury property.

1. Look for a prime neighborhood
In most cases, areas which are on the periphery of the main city, are considered prime because of the potential they have for planned development. Proximity to the business and commercial hubs, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc. must also be taken into account.


2. Look out for the comforts you need
Measure your own requirements as far as the comforts are concerned. List down the must have’s in the property you are looking for. The club, the specifications, the sports, the facilities, the area for kids, so on and so forth. Most luxury projects nowadays leave no stone unturned in offering all the mod-cons available – be it a clubhouse or premium specifications in the residences.

3. How discreet and effective is the security
Luxury homes offer unobtrusive security, both in terms of round the clock personnel and electronic surveillance. Check out how many levels of security are provided. Is the security technologically driven?

4. How solid are the basics
The checklist should include whether the building is earthquake resistant and fire resistant; whether there are enough safety protocols in place etc. One must check the specifications used in the bathroom, the modular kitchen fittings, the tiling, the floors etc. Also one must check if the water and waste management system are in place.

5. Check out the sample apartment
Checking out the features and specifications in a sample apartment is a perfect start to measure the luxury quotient of the property. See if the specifications being used are as promised, check if the finishes are coming outright. One can tell after visiting the sample apartment, whether or not the property will turn out to be good or not.


6. Do a background check on the developer
Before buying a luxury apartment, the most important thing is to choose the right developer by verifying their credentials. Be informed about the track record of the developer and the promoters backing it. A group with diversified interests is more likely to provide you with a better product, primarily because of the solid financial soundness they have. Also one must ensure that all the necessary approvals and planning permissions are in place.

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