Apartment Living During Coronavirus Daily Checklist

Apartment As staying at home — except for essential errands — slowly becomes the new normal, it’s important to adapt and create a new routine for apartment living during coronavirus that’ll make this unprecedented time feel more stable.


While our old patterns may be halted for now, you can still develop a routine that’ll help you maintain sanity and feel productive on a daily basis. We’ve created a daily to-do list for your reference to help the long days go by a little quicker.

Daily to-do list

During the times of coronavirus, it may seem like you can’t accomplish your to-do list because most businesses are closed and people have been advised or required to stay at home.

While that may be the case, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a daily to-do list. To keep your apartment in order and your mind calm, here are some things to consider doing every single day.

1. Make your bed

By waking up and making your bed immediately, you accomplish something at the beginning of your day. This small act can help set the tone for the rest of the day as it makes you feel productive and organized right away. Now more than ever, it’s essential to feel accomplished and making your bed each day is a small but important thing to do each day.

2. Shower and get ready

It’s easy to get out of bed and stay in your cozy outfit because you have nowhere to go and no one to see. But, during quarantine, it’s really important to stick to a routine where you get up, shower and get dressed for the day. It may seem silly to add “shower and get ready” to your to-do list, but each time you do this, you’ll likely have a better, more productive day.

3. Eat breakfast

It’s easy to develop bad habits during the coronavirus isolation, but make sure you’re eating a full breakfast each day. It will give you the energy to make it through the day. Plus, it’s the most important meal of the day.

4. Scan news headlines

Too much news consumption can be detrimental, but take some time each day to catch up on the news, whether local or national, to stay informed. Once you’ve caught up on the news, avoid checking apps repeatedly as it can become a downward spiral and time suck.

5. Tidy up your apartment

Do you feel like your house is even more cluttered than usual during coronavirus? If so, you’re not alone. You may go to bed with a tidy home and by noon the next day, realize everything is out of sorts.

Take some time each day to tidy up and declutter your apartment. Whether that’s walking around each room and putting things in their proper place, or tackling your junk drawer and organizing it, make the time.

6. Exercise

Your gym or workout class may be suspended right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time to work out and get some fresh air each day. Whether you do an at-home workout or simply take a walk around your apartment complex, add exercise to your to-do list every day. It’ll help you feel physically and mentally better and take up some time in your day.

7. Meditate

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Taking as little as five minutes to meditate each day will do wonders for your well-being. Download a meditation app or simply listen to your breath every single day.

8. Journal

Whether you journal daily or scribble your thoughts on a post-it note, journaling can be an incredibly powerful tool during scary times. Take some time each day to write down what you’re grateful for or to document something good that happened that day. Or, write down your frustrations and anxieties as a way to cope with them. By taking time to journal every day, you’ll likely feel a little better day by day.

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Bi-weekly to-do list

Some things, like brushing your teeth, need to be done daily. However, not all tasks need to be done as often. Some can be accomplished two or three times a week. Here are some things to add to your to-do list during coronavirus on a bi-weekly basis.

1. Call a family member or friend

We all have friends and family members we see on a regular basis. If you can’t see them in person right now, make it a point to connect via phone or video conferencing on a regular basis. It’s also a good time to make a list of people you’ve fallen out of touch with and connect with them again. Choose someone new each week to reach out to and you’ll likely find yourself with a long list of people to connect with.

2. Sanitize and sterilize your apartment

You’ve tidied your apartment on a daily basis, but have you cleaned and sanitized it? While you don’t want to waste precious resources like Clorox wipes, you do want to sanitize and sterilize your apartment a few times a week to stay safe. This is essential when you’ve run an errand or left your apartment complex and returned home.

3. Get your mail

Because the mailroom is a common area, it’s exposed to lots of people and germs and can be a high-risk area of your apartment complex. Unless you’re expecting important documents, you probably don’t need to get your mail daily. Make a mail run part of your bi-weekly to-do list. When you return to your apartment and have opened your mail and packages, make sure to wipe down the counter and wash your hands.

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Weekly to-do list

Depending on the size of your family, you might need to complete these tasks more or less frequently. Strive to knock them out at least once a week.

1. Grocery shop

Grocery shopping is an essential to-do as everyone needs to eat. But now is the time to reduce the number of trips you make to the store to avoid contact with other people. If you can, limit grocery shopping to once a week or longer, if you can. Online shopping is a great option, too.

If you go into the store, go prepared with a list, maintain social distancing and try to get everything you need for the upcoming week in one haul.

2. Update budget and pay bills

Because the economy has taken a hit, it’s essential to stay in tune with your budget and see how you’re doing week-over-week. Make time each week to check and update your budget, pay your bills and plan for upcoming expenses.

3. Laundry

In a lot of apartment complexes, the laundry facility is a communal space. If that’s the case for you, try to limit your laundry trips to once a week.

4. Deep clean your house

You’ve decluttered and sanitized throughout the week, but a deep, weekly clean should be on your to-do list. This can include things like:

  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Changing sheets
  • Wiping down counters, light switches and doorknobs
  • Scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen
  • Dusting

Maintaining a routine during the coronavirus pandemic

Having a daily to-do list during coronavirus will give you purpose, help you feel organized and stable and provide some normalcy during these unknown times. Download a to-do list app or write a hand-written list each day, check items off the list and go to bed feeling like life is a little more normal.

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