Decorative Glass Is the Design Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

Decorative Glass we all dream of having an abundance of natural light and in our homes—but that’s not always the case, especially in smaller or compartmentalized spaces. Enter: Glass partitions, interior windows, and doors. They’re the designer-approved solution that won’t interrupt visual flow while still separating it so each area serves a distinctly different function, with plenty of sunlight pouring through. Not to mention, interior glass elements add a ton of architectural intrigue, even in spaces that initially look like a plain white box.

Decorative Glass

And while classic glass doors are gorgeous, innovative designers have been iterating on the look in new, creative ways, like adding punch and personality (and in some cases, more privacy) with textured, frosted, and colorful plexiglass (this also saves money!). Ahead, we’ve highlighted five fun interior glass trends that take the whole glass partition solution to the next level, both formally and functionally.

1. Fluted Glass

In this transitional space designed by GRT Architects, the fluted glass partition separates the hallway from the staircase. The grooves add textural intrigue and privacy, obscuring the adjacent areas without completing obstructing them. And good news! Bendheim Glass assures us that “textured glass, such as fluted glass, is one of the most affordable ways to introduce a decorative element to doors.” The unexpected lavender trim also keeps the hallway youthful and playful, contrasting with the traditional area rug and built-in console.

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