How to find far Full Northeast Apartments for Rent

The Far Northeast of Philadelphia is an area defined by the City of Philadelphia Planning referring to the northernmost region of the city and encompasses neighborhoods like Somerton, Bustleton, Fox Chase, Pennypack, and Rhawnhurst to name a few.


Looking at far Northeast Apartments for Rent

Decide what neighborhood you want to live in

Since the far northeast of Philly has quite a few neighborhoods to choose from, you will need to decide what suits your lifestyle needs. The area has a strong housing market with plenty of schools, retail centers, and open spaces, which is why it is a popular choice with both among homeowners and renters. Start looking at specific neighborhoods like Bustleton, Fox Chase, Somerton, Pennypack, Rhawnhurst and see how each area fits in your needs to help you narrow down your choices. Bustleton was ranked among top hottest affordable neighborhoods in the entire nation out of tens of thousands of neighborhoods across America.

This is because the housing stock, both rental and for-sale is very reasonably priced compared to Center City and offers the perks of both city living and suburban life. Fox Chase was also another top ranked hot affordable neighborhood in America and a very popular place to live. Somerton is very close to Bustleton and offers a similar lifestyle. The Pennypack neighborhood is great if you like the outdoors and enjoy walking, hiking, or biking, especially if you are within walking distance to the Pennypack Park. Of course, Pennypack Park is easily accessible from virtually all Far Northeast Neighborhoods.

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Organize tours for neighborhoods you’ve narrowed down

Once you’ve narrowed down your neighborhoods, it’s a good idea to take a long tour of the area to help you decide whether you want to live there or not. Take a walk or drive in the area to get a feel for each community. Does it feel safe? Are there a lot of people around? Are there local shops, cafes, and restaurants that are easily accessible? How easy is it to get to the grocery store? Are there entertainment spaces and open parks? Consider all the things that are important to you and check for these when doing your tour of the neighborhood.

Compare apartments by doing thorough research

Once you’ve narrowed down your neighborhood, start looking at apartments in the area. You’ll likely come across dozens of listings so you will need to start comparing apartments by doing thorough research. Decide what you want. Do you want a two or three-bedroom apartment?

What kind of amenities do you want from the apartment complex? Are you looking for open spaces? How much space do you want inside the apartment? Does the apartment come with a balcony or outdoor area? Do this research to help you narrow down your choices to the most suitable ones for your needs.

Find out when you can move in

Some apartments may be listed for rent but may only be available after a specific date, while others may be available immediately. It’s always a good idea to start your search a little bit ahead of time so you don’t have to settle in desperation for something at the last minute. If you have more leeway to wait, you’ll find yourself with plenty more apartment options – helping you make a more informed decision for your lifestyle. Be sure to ask the leasing agent or landlord when you can move in and what’s entailed in the move. Make sure the apartment will be thoroughly cleaned before you move in too.

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