What Size Is Considered A Big 2-bedroom Apartment?

So you decided on a 2 Bedroom Apartment, but are trying to figure out if the floor plan you picked out is large enough? What is considered a large 2 Bedroom Apartment? In general, a 2-bedroom apartment generally averages around 800 square feet. The average apartment size decreases as you get closer to center city. A 2-bedroom is generally considered large when it is 900+ square feet.


A typical 2-bedroom apartment has a distinct living area (or combination living and dining area), one or two bathrooms, a kitchen and two bedrooms. If the space is larger, you may have additional features like:

  • Distinct dining area
  • Storage
  • Laundry room
  • Large wardrobes
  • Small Study or Den

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How Much Does a 2-Bedroom Apartment Rental Cost?

The cost to rent a 2-bedroom apartment will depend on several factors. Some of them include –

  • Apartment location – city and proximity to downtown
  • Size of the apartment
  • Features and amenities available in the apartment complex
  • Interiors of the apartment (whether budget or premium)
  • Apartments in bustling cities like New York and Philadelphia come at a premium, even for the tiniest spaces – especially if you live downtown or in nearby neighborhoods. These apartments are usually higher in demand for their convenience and proximity to workplaces. Plus, you’d never have to travel too far to grab a bite.

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How to Check the Size of a 2-Bedroom Apartment?

Most property listings online describe the apartment in greater detail, which usually includes how big the apartment is. Sometimes, the pictures may also give you an idea of the apartment size and features available. If for whatever reason this is all unclear, then check with the landlord or listing agent before viewing the property. Here are some questions to ask –

  • What is the overall size of the apartment?
  • Do the bedrooms have enough space for dressers, bedside tables and anything else you want to add in there?
  • Is there space anywhere to set up a home office?
  • Does the bathroom come with a separate shower and bathtub or is the shower over the bathtub?
  • Avoid scheduling an apartment tour before you get all the information you need in order to use your time most efficiently. After all, there’s no point in organizing a tour of an apartment that doesn’t meet your lifestyle needs.

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